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Information on the processing of your personal data TRILEDROENERGY ASD, pursuant to article 13 of Lgs. Decree 196/2003 concerning the protection of personal data, and request for your consent for the processing of such data.
1. The Lgs. Decree 196/2003 has introduced the law on the protection of personal data. In compliance with the prescriptions of this law, the treatment of personal data on the part of our organisation is organised on the basis of the principles of correct conduct, legality and transparency and protection of the confidentiality and of the rights of the persons to which the data refer.
2. In this sphere, we provide you with the information as prescribed by article 13 of Lgs. Decree 196/2003 and we ask you to express your consent for the processing of the personal data as specified to deal with your request for general information and/or booking in order to give you the relative information;
3. The conferment of your data is optional; however, their partial, inexact or non-conferment could make it impossible to supply the services that you have requested.
4. In the quality of customers or potential customers, the data that are the subject of the processing are generally of an ordinary type, since they consist essentially in elements of personal identity. Should you, in the fields that do not provide for a specific indication, communicate to us data that are of a sensitive nature, as referred to by article 4 letter d) of Lgs. Decree 196/2003, and as such needful of particular protection, we inform you that such data shall be processed by us with respect for the limits prescribed by the Privacy law.
5. The processing of the data collected shall be carried out by means of electronic instruments and/or on hard copy and, in any case, in compliance with the legal provisions in force relative to this matter.
6. We inform you that our organisation provides for the necessary organisational, physical and logical measures, in order to guarantee the security of the data, with particular reference to the provisions of annex B to the Pres. Decree 196/2003 Technical specifications regarding minimum security measures.
7. We also inform you that the data shall also be communicated to the manager of the computerised system of online booking SERENA BENEDETTI 40DOGS.NET, which will provide for their processing in compliance with the prescriptions of Lgs. Decree 196/2003.
All the subjects shall provide for the processing of the data according to Lgs. Decree 196/2003 and shall in any case be directly responsible for the processing of the data.
Apart from the employees of the Company, some processing of your personal data may also be carried out by third parties, with head office in Italy and/or abroad, to which our organisation entrusts certain activities (or parts of the same) necessary for the supply of the above-mentioned services. The said third parties are essentially members of the following categories: credit recovery companies, companies who process traffic data for invoicing, companies charged with printing and forwarding invoices to customers, consultancy firms, credit institutes, agents and brokers, franchisees, suppliers of technological services, Content Providers.
8. We remind you that you may always exercise towards us your rights foreseen by article 7 of Lgs. Decree 196/2003 such as, for example, the updating, correction or cancellation of the data.
9. To exercise such rights, please contact the Data Processors of the processing: Triledorenergy ASD - Piazza Europa 5 - 38067 - Ledro - TN - Italy.




Lo sport in generale è soprattutto emozione, impegno, partecipazione, rispetto e soddisfazione.

Ed è partendo da queste basi che l' a.s.d. Triledroenergy si pone come obiettivo la divulgazione dell’ attività sportiva in genere, nella forma del triathlon in particolare, ispirandosi al principio democratico ed al principio di partecipazione all’ attività sportiva da parte di chiunque in condizioni di uguaglianza e di pari opportunità.

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